Speak Russian Online!
Speak Russian Online!


Liudmila Rodova

Master degree in Linguistic, Byelorussian State University.

Originally from Minsk, Liudmila has over 20 years of experience  teaching Russian language, literature and culture courses.

In particular, Liudmila has been teaching introductory Russian language courses at a major University in British Columbia, Canada since 2017, and taught Russian language to international students attending the Institute of Modern Knowledge in Minsk from 1996 to 1999. Also, Liudmila has been continuously teaching Russian language, literature and culture courses privately to all age groups in a class or individual setting since 1995.

 Liudmila’s students have described her teaching philosophy and style in the following way:Liudmila is not only a very knowledgeable and easy-going instructor, but is also very patient, capable, and her passion for teaching together with her unique teaching methodology allowed me to learn the course material quickly.”


Veta Chitnev

Ph.D., University of Victoria 
Certified Tester of Russian as a Foreign Language, Moscow State University 
M.A., Simon Fraser University 
M.Ed., Moscow State Regional University
Originally from Moscow, Veta has over 30 years of experience of teaching languages, and over 15 years of teaching Russian as a foreign language. Veta has been teaching Russian language and culture courses at one of the universities in British Columbia, Canada since 2008.  Veta’s areas of specialization are teaching Russian as a second language, pedagogy, and curriculum development and design. Veta describes her teaching philosophy in the following way: “In my classes, I function as a facilitator who supports collaborative learning rather than a teacher who issues directives and dominates class time by lecturing. I believe that the primary goal of instructors is to provide students with opportunities to learn. Instructors should create a classroom environment that encourages students to explore and learn actively, while knowledge should come from the course content developed in cooperation with students.”