Speak Russian Online!
Speak Russian Online!

Why learn Russian

  • For your work or business

  • To study  in any Russian educational establishment

  • Russia is in your traveling bucket list

  • You’d like to surprise your Russian speaking partner, and always stay tuned knowing what your Russian in-laws talk about behind your back. 


Our  Canada-based school Speak Russian on-line invites you to live Russian language classes. All you need is an internet connection (we teach via Zoom) and a computer or laptop with a camera and microphone. Live Russian lessons with professional instructors is your chance to start learning Russian or polishing your language skills in the comfort of your home.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to provide up-to-date Russian language curriculum and create a positive classroom environment where all students are welcome and actively engaged in learning.

Why to learn Russian with us?

  • We offer real time live lessons via ZOOM. It's an interactive and engaging class atmosphere where you can ask your instructor and get your questions answered right away.
  • We always make sure that you understand and learn a material before we move forward.We also record our lessons. They will be kept confidential. Only class members will have access to those recordings. 
  • Whether you wish to review the material one more time, or if you miss the class, you still have not be fallen behind.
  •  We have created a unique well-structured curriculum that links all levels together from beginners to Advance. Before you startyou know what results you are supposed to achieve by the end of each term. Our fixed schedule and curriculum are designed to systemise your learning process and progress. To start from a right point (except beginners), please take an assessment test here
  •  Small size classes (maximum 8-10 students). You learn Russian with people of your language level. It gives an opportunity to every person to participate in a live discussion with your classmates, to practice grammatical structures and keep your vocabulary active. It’s a unique opportunity to make new friends that share the same interest.
  •  Speaking practice: In every lesson will be activities stimulating communication, discussion, and sharing news on various topics. 
  •  Teacher’s feedback and control of your progress.
  • Various homework and tests are created to help our instructors to control your learning process. They will visibly demonstrate to our students their step by step progress from one lesson to another.  Material rehearsal is an essential part to keep all learnt vocabulary and grammar active.
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